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Creative Tools


What are they: Visual based explanations of data or concepts.  Also works well for timelines.

Create them with: Google Drawing, Easel.ly, Visual.ly, Prezi, PiktoChart, Knoema, Glogster

easel.ly infographic
This infographic was created on Easel.ly
Bubble Charts

Good For: Creating graphic organizers quickly; Organizing information in a visual format

Tips: To create a graphic organizer, just create blank bubbles or shapes and print them off for students.

Bubbl.us sample
Created on Bubbl.us

Video Creation

You might not know: You don't need a software program (iMovie, MovieMaker, etc.) to create movies.  There are plenty of options to create simple or complex movies and animation on the web.

Create them with: Xtranormal, GoAnimate, YouTube Editor, JellyCam (download)