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Google Drive II


• Communicate with students, parents, and colleagues with greater ease and efficiency using forms, comments, translation, and presentations.

• Collaborate with others on a single document and track all users.

• Keep calling records, class databases, analyze test results and more with spreadsheets accessible from anywhere.

Goal: To translate a document, create a dual language form, and collaborate on a shared presentation.

 Create a presentation with peers about how to use a feature on Google Drive.

See below for assignment instructions
Google Drive Power Tips
1. Use the search function to find any document or refine your search with operators such as "from:" or "to:".  See more here.

2. Translate a document to hundreds of languages by going to 
Tools --> Translate within an open doc

3. Also use the Tools menu to start researching from within a doc.  Link to sites, add photos, or create citations and never leave your doc.

Research in Docs

4. Insert a table and make it hidden by right-clicking the table, selecting "Table Properties, and setting the Border to "0"