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Primary Grades

My Favorites

ThatQuiz.org - Math, Geometry, & much more.  Assign tests and track progress or just practice.

BBC KS1 Bitesize - Games, tutorials, & resources for Language, Math, and Science.

Sesame Street - The games on this site work natively on the iPad.

Google Earth - Take tours, zoom in on famous places, lots of fun

TES iBoard - You don't need an iboard to use these cross-curricular interactives.
Kinderchat Symbaloo Sites

• In iOS 6 the administrator of the iPads can turn on single-app mode, which allows the user to run only the designated app.  

1. To enable this go to Settings --> General --> Accessibility.  

2. Turn on Guided Access, then open the app you want to use by itself.  Triple click the home button and you can set up Guided Access.

Within Guided Access, you can even set parts of the screen to be un-touchable (you'll love it if you have little kids)
Lesson Samples

Monster in a Jar (from @BarbInNebraska)

Skype Session (from @mrbadura)

Lesson Samples

Animal Research Book    Example (from@MattBGomez)

Elementary Blogging (from @mrbadura)