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Uploading to YouTube
1. If you have a google account, you have access to a youtube account.
2. Most any camera app or third party video app has a one-button YouTube uploads
3. Google On-Air Hangouts are great for recording screencasts or conversations. They go directly to your YouTube channel
4. Create playlists for your classes by using "Add To" tab underneath a video.  This makes groups of videos much easier to access later.

Quick Tips for Making a Movie

1. Get a tripod or set your camera on a steady spot.  No one likes a shaky camera.
2. Good sound will make your video much better.  With most cameras, you need to be within about 6 ft. of the person you're filming to get good audio on them.  Also, try the following:

A) Turn off your AC, fans, heaters to get rid of extraneous noise

B) Position your camera at the speaker's level

C) Tell your students to speak loudly
3. If possible, use multiple cameras (ipads, phones, webcams) to get multiple angles and better sound.
4. Make action move towards the camera in openers and away from the camera  in closers