Super Sites 1

Below are a number of sites that offer pre-made (as opposed to user generated) content in a variety of subject areas.  You can link to or embed most of the content on these sites with just a couple clicks.  

Presentation Apps* - Upload your own or search for 1000s of PowerPoints on any subject that you can easily embed on your own site.

Prezi search - Find other Prezi's that people have shared publicly.

 Pete's PowerPoint Station - The site looks old school, but has tons of great stuff for every topic from elementary through high school level.

Thinglink - Add hot-clickable buttons to your photos to make them interactive.

Popplet - Sort of a simplified version of Prezi.  It's also works nicely with google maps and allows you to draw things within a presentation.

Video sites (beyond YouTube)

 Snag Films Education - Features educationally themed documentaries in a variety of subject areas.

 Ted Talks - See great speeches and lectures from some of the best speakers in the world. My personal favorite is the marshmallow talk.

 Khan Academy - A how to video for just about any concept you can imagine.  Everything from elementary math to sequencing DNA.

 Brain Pop - This is a pay site, but you can get a free trial if you're in a pinch.  Also, some movies are free anyway.  All subject areas - very well done.

Tube Chop - Watch just the part of a movie you want.  Edit the start or end times to see just what you want.

The Mad Video - Kind of like Thinglink for videos


Explania - Very nice interactives for a variety of science and social science conepts

Nobel Prize Games - Outstanding interactives on topics that won the Nobel Prize.

BBC BitesizeGet embeddable games/activities for your website in Language Arts, Reading, Math, and Science at BBC Bitesize 1 (K-2nd), Bitesize 2 (3rd-6th), or Bitesize 3 (7th+)

Interactive Whiteboard Site** -  A huge repository of interactives in all subject areas.  Especially helpful for elementary.  The activities can be completed without an iboard.