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   This course is designed to help teachers develop a more robust, engaging, and student-centred approach to teaching that is focused on long term learning goals.  An emphasis will be placed on the planning process and we will focus on practical, student-centric methods of using classroom and web-based tools through simulations and lesson development.  Throughout the class teachers will research new methods & tools, collaborate with others, and reflect on the lessons they develop to improve their teaching.

Course Timeline

Course Goals:

1) SWBAT develop student-centered, collaborative units/lessons that utilize classroom and web-based resources to enhance student outcomes.  They will be able to analyze workflow, adapt to individual learners, and make modifications to these units/lessons based on classroom and learner limitations.

2) SWBAT gather and evaluate educational resources through research, Personal Learning Networks, and experimentation.

3) SWBAT analyze trends regarding the use of technology in the classroom and design lessons to integrate digital citizenship and research strategies within the regular curriculum.

4) SWBAT collaborate with colleagues to enhance existing curriculum, lessons, and methodologies.