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Where does a good lesson start?


• Without an assessment, we won't know if our students have learned anything.

• Good assessments help you plan and adjust your lessons based on the needs of your students.

• Computer based assessments can provide instant feedback and greater insight into the strengths and weaknesses of your students.  They also provide you and your students with more options for performance and authentic assessments.

The Monty Hall Problem
Monty Hall Problem
 Click the picture  to play the game, then see if the results matched your expectation.  
Review the explanation to see why.

Assessment Tools EDU 601

 • Just because you think your students know something, doesn't mean they do - unless you assess

• Many people go into the Monty Hall problem with false assertions - just as teachers do in the classroom. 

• Assessments can come in many forms.  See the list to the left for ideas.