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 Everybody's doing it - or, at least, a growing majority of schools and universities are going to Google Apps for Education.  All the major school districts in and around Omaha, with the exception of OPS have gone Google (Westside, Bellevue, Papillion, Millard, Bennington, Council Bluffs).  A significant number of Catholic schools in Omaha have also done the same.

This service is free and provides lots of tools for educators.  With the introduction of Google Classroom in September 2014, going paperless with Google Docs becomes significantly easier.  Even for lower elementary, or for schools that haven't gone Google, the tools can be very helpful 
Lemmings Leap
Photocredit: Mark Stivers (2009)


To utilize the collaboration and sharing features of Google Drive to enhance communication, feedback, and learning outcomes. 

Access your files anywhere, with these apps.  Drive lets you view any file, Docs and Sheets let you edit the files.

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1. The Apps: Drive, Docs, Sheets - Forms, Slides

2. Sharing with non-Google users

3. Organization and Search Tips

4. Google Classroom

5. Pair/share of Drive uses