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Drive Examples & Tips

 To complete in this Module.

1. Teach: Review classroom samples; Share samples

. Tools: View "Power Tips Guide" and Comment on items with which you weren't familiar 

. Research-Reflect: Test an Add On and review it.  Share review with the class

Google Apps Student Samples from Jesuit Academy

Student Lab Report with Data Table

The shared data table allows data to be collected & entered from the whole class.  This allows students to collect and access data to include in lab reports with much greater efficiency.

Teacher and Peer Edits

Google Apps allows you to seamlessly share between users (teachers or students) to peer edit.

Online Science Fair        • Election Project

Writing Portfolio

These are examples of Google Sites.  Google Sites integrate easily with other Google Apps and can be shared/edited with an entire class or school.

Playlist of Google Docs in Action from Jesuit Academy Students

Teacher/Class Specific Uses

Lesson Plans                  • Class Notes

Publishing a Google Doc allows teachers/admins to share a single link with their class/parents/teachers that updates automatically.