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Google Chrome

Why Google Chrome?

If you are a Google Apps school - and even if you're not - Chrome offers some very helpful features.  Most importantly is that you can sign into Chrome and have the same experience on any device (home, school, tablet, mobile).  All your docs, preferences, apps, extensions, backgrounds, and more sync via the cloud.  Just don't forget to sign out if you're on a public or shared computer.

Using Chrome with Google Apps for Education provides even more power.  Administrators can control the start pages, preferences, automatically enforce SafeSearch, load specific extensions & apps, and push updates out automatically.


• Works on most any device or computer, regardless of operating system.

• Tabs opened on one device can be accessed on another when you are signed into your account.

j<-- Click the left pic to download Chrome; Click below to enlarge the pic 

Multiple Accounts

 • Search directly from the address bar, no need to go to Google first.

 • Extend Chrome with Apps and Extensions (just like a tablet)