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Teaching Advice

The videos below are from a pair of experienced educators who teach in 1:1 classrooms.  
Please view the video of your choice and complete the form below.

Mr. Loots teaches Social Studies at Council Bluffs Thomas Jefferson High School which is 1:1 Chromebook.  He also works with teachers on planning and curriculum development.

* This is an abbreviated version of a longer interview.  There are a few technical difficulties about four minutes into the video (fixed by 5 minutes in).

Mr. Loots Video

Mrs. Boyce teaches 5th grade in the Bellevue Public School district.  She has taught in a variety of programs over the years and applied to be part of the Bellevue iPad Academy.  Her class was chosen to be part of the program and she has had 1:1 ipads in her classroom since 2013.

* This video is a bit longer, but is excellent all the way through.  Mrs. Boyce field some questions from other students throughout the video.  In the first 2 minutes she describes the layout of her classroom.

Mrs. Boyce