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There are infinitely many tools to assist teachers with lessons.  If you are teaching something, it's highly likely someone has taught it before or has a tool that could assist your lesson.  Below are some helpful sites, apps, and tips to keep you from re-inventing the wheel.

Tips for finding resources
• When searching for web resources, add "interactive" to the end of your search
(i.e. - "heart lung interactive")

• Use Gooru, Blendspace, Diigo, or Lesson Paths for pre-made lists

• Get educational app reviews & resources at Appitic, Mind Leap, Common Sense Media, and Twitter Feeds like #iosedapps, #eduapps, #ipadedu
• Partner with someone else in your content area

• Choose a specific unit (ex. Revolutionary War, Long Division, Evolution, 10 Commandments, Persuasive Essays)

• Create a curated list using Gooru, Diigo, Blendspace, or Lesson Paths with resources for the unit -
include at least two each that: 

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